Top Ten Reasons to Learn Japanese (at OCG)

1.  Because Learning Japanese (at OCG) is Fun. Unlike most programs, which have students memorize kanji lists and practice verb endings, our curriculum engages students by teaching content that is interesting and alluring.  All of our lessons focus on themes that students can relate to.  While teaching about, say, the daily life of a Japanese student, we also teach reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Under  the guidance of experts at Cal State Long Beach, we feel that our approach and materials have become as modern and innovative as any program. 

2.  Because Japanese Culture is Cool.  Japan is an incredible country with a rich culture and history.  Many of our lessons involve cultural events.  In the summer, for instance, lessons focus on learning about the origins of the Tanabata festival and the cultural meanings of a summer festival.  Very few schools do more to integrate culture and language – so in a sense, our students learn twice as much as elsewhere!  (Other cultural activities in our curriculum include obon, undokai, setsubun, New Year’s including Mochitsuki, Girls day, and Children’s day.) 

3.  Help Your Child Succeed in School.  Studies have shown that children who learn a complex foreign language, especially at a young age, are better off in terms of development and learning other school subjects.  The earlier children start learning a foreign language, the more of an advantage they will have. 

Allowing your child to overcome new challenges also enhances a child’s sense of accomplishment and confidence.  Studying Japanese is not easy, but the nurturing atmosphere of our OCG classrooms is a perfect environment to help your child develop.

4.   Introduce Your Child to New Friends.  The fun and enjoyable class atmosphere at OCG lets our children make many new friends.  Students at OCG come from all over Orange County, so you will be meeting a completely different crowd.  Eventually, students want to come to school to be with their new friends – making it more likely that they will continue studying.  Some of our older students often meet up outside of class, and some develop friendships that continue well after leaving OCG.

5.   Introduce Yourself to New Friends.  Not only do our students make new friends, so do many of the parents at OCG.  Over time, after working together to make the school a better place, many close friendships develop among our parents.  We often speak of the “OCG family” meaning that for 35 years our parents and teachers have come together for a common purpose.  It sounds trite, but it is true.

6.   Strengthen Your College Application.  Most American students learn Spanish, French or German.  But having Japanese on a college application garners some very important extra attention.  College admissions committees value students who show commitment and seriousness of purpose.  Going to Japanese school every Saturday for all these years is very impressive.  Stand out in the crowd!

OCG also has special classes for those studying for the AP Japanese exam, and also the Japanese Credit Test.

7.   Try Something New.  OCG has classes for adults as well. Why not learn the Japanese language, or try your hand at flower arranging .  We also teach a class on oshuji (brush calligraphy) for our enrolled students.

8.  Because Japan is Important.  Japan is the third largest economy in the world and America’s largest overseas trading partner.  In the 21st century, every career involves an international aspect, and every international career involves Japan in some way. 

Mastering Japanese while also being fluent in English is a very powerful combination, and will go a long way to enhance career opportunities.  (Your children may not appreciate this now, but they will thank you later on!)

9.   Change Your Sense of Identity.  Whatever your background, learning Japanese will make you a better person.  For children who already have ties to Japan, knowing the language will deepen their level of understanding and pride in their country of origin, as well as helping them communicate with their grandparent or to feel more at ease when visiting Japan.

And for everyone, learning a different language and culture helps us to become better citizens of the world.  Most Americans don’t have the opportunity (or desire) to learn about other peoples and cultures.  But opening our eyes to the larger world around us makes us more tolerant and thoughtful people.  You will forever perceive the world in a different, more positive, way.

10.   With all these reasons, why NOT learn Japanese at OCG!  Come check us out!!