How to Enroll at OCG

OCG accepts new student enrollments all year round. We hold classes throughout the year. But because our curriculum is a unit-based one, your child can enter a class at any time during the year.

To enroll, simply come to the school any Saturday morning when we are in session and come to the registration desk.

Class Schedule

1st Period:      8:45 – 9:40 am
2nd Period:      9:45 – 10:30 am
3rd Period:     10:50 – 11:40 am
4th Period:     11:45 – 12:30 pm


To Arrange a Tour

If you are interested in observing our classes and seeing our teachers in action, please contact us to arrange a tour. Any school day is fine – just let us know when you are going to visit. We hold our classes at Brethren Christian Jr./Sr. High School, located at 21141 Strathmoor Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 [map]

To arrange a tour, contact our Registration Committee representativee-mail us at




Tuition and Fee Schedule

OCG is one of the best educational values around. We are committed to keeping our costs as low as possible. We have very little administrative overhead, as our Board and PA officers are all volunteers, and school parents help to run the school.

• Registration Fee. All enrolled students pay a one-time, non-refundable Registration Fee of $100 per student, payable at the time of registration. If you enroll your child during one of our Open House days, the Registration Fee will be $50 per student.

I. Students in Grades K-12

-- Tuition and Parents Association Fee $90 per student per month

Tuition payments cover the costs of hiring our teachers and other academic-related expenses. The PA fee finances the costs of running the school, including all of the cultural events and ceremonies that make OCG such a great place.

Please note that OCG's tuition and PA Fee is an annual charge. As a courtesy to our parents we have prorated this amount monthly. You will need to pay the monthly tuition during the summer months, even if your child is on vacation.

Multiple Student Discount

No. of students





Monthly Tuition






-- Material Fee: $50 per student per academic year

K-12 students pay a flat fee of $50 per year to cover the costs of texts, OCG-created educational books and other materials used in the classroom.

-- School Management Fee

This fee helps us cover our rent and other expenses associated with running an independent school, including insurance, legal costs, as well as to help us save so that we can eventually buy our own building. This fee will be assessed in September on all families who are continuing at the school. The fee pertains to the current academic year. We provide the opportunity for families to work at our annual fundraiser, the Food Fair, to offset some or all of this fee.

$300 per family per year
($150 for single-parent families)



II. Tuition for our Other Language Classes

-- Mikan Club (ages 3-4)
Mikan Club students pay a monthly tuition of $70 per student. If the student has a sibling currently enrolled in grades K-12, the monthly tuition is $50 per student.

-- Adult Class
Adult Class students pay $400 per semester (July through December and January through June). If the student has a child currently enrolled in grades K-12, the semester tuition will be $300.

III. OCG Cultural Classes

Ikebana Class (flower arranging)

Students pay a fee of $25 per session. There are also other charges such as joining the Ikenobo Society. See one of our Ikebana instructors for more information.

Oshūji Class (Japanese calligraphy)

We are currently arranging for a new teacher for this class.


** Please note that Mikan Club, Adult Classstudents those enrolled in our Cultural Classes do NOT need to pay a material fee or the School Management Fee.

Registration and Other Forms

The following forms are required for you to register your child. Each is fillable via Acrobat Pro. You may print them out and bring them with you or fill them in by hand when you come to register your child.

OCG Registration form [PDF]

Emergency form [PDF]

ACH Authorization [PDF]

Credit Card Authorization [PDF]

Photo Release form [PDF]

Media Survey [PDF]


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