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Our Mission Statement

We at Orange Coast Gakuen are committed to teaching Japanese to all children, regardless of background and level of Japanese. We strive to integrate instruction in language and culture in an enjoyable and nurturing environment.

About Orange Coast Gakuen

In 2016 Orange Coast Gakuen celebrated our 40th year in existence and fifth year as an independent school. Since becoming independent in 2010 we have instituted a new and effective curriculum. Thanks to the efforts of our teachers and advisors, we have moved to the forefront of Japanese language teaching in the region.

OCG is one of the oldest and largest Japanese language schools in Orange County. Our students range from nursery school through adult classes. We teach students from all backgrounds and prior exposure to the Japanese language.

We hold classes on Saturday mornings in south Huntington Beach. The majority of our families lives in Irvine, Huntington Beach, and south Orange County.

OCG is a parent-run school. Our Parents Association arranges cultural events throughout the school year, and is active in raising funds for the operation of the school.

OCG's Curriculum

After becoming an independent school, OCG has been fortunate to enter into an agreement with three nationally-known experts on Japanese pedagogy from Cal State Long Beach.  

These advisors, Hiroko Kataoka, Masako Douglas, and Kiyomi Chinen, are leading innovators in designing teaching methods and materials for Japanese learners from all backgrounds and at all levels.  They have remade our curriculum and teaching approach, and are providing direct training for all of our teachers.  They are providing exactly what we need to take OCG to the next level.  For more information, take a look at our Curriculum page.



















Our Students

For New Families

OCG has developed an innovative and more effective curriculum for teaching the Japanese language.

  • Saturday morning classes, 8:45 am to 12:30 pm, in Huntington Beach
  • Basic cost: $120/month for ten months
  • Regular Classes for students 3-years old through High School
  • Language classes for adults (pending)
  • Cultural classes in flower arranging

Our Curriculum

OCG has classes that are suitable for children of all backgrounds in the Japanese language. We divide our classes into two tracks, one for students who primarily speak Japanese at home and the other for those with less exposure to Japanese. We also hold classes for High School students who have little or no Japanese language background. Students in all tracks cover all of the core language skills.

Our curriculum is theme-based and content-driven, with lessons constructed around topics that students find interesting. The approach is interactive and FUN. Our goal is for our students to want to continue to study Japanese, hopefully for a lifetime.

For full details on our classes, instruction methods, and more, click on our Curriculum page.

The curriculum also includes numerous cultural events, which gives our children a well-rounded education. (See our Events page)

OCG is a parent-run school. We rely on parents volunteering a small amount of time. See the Parents' Role page.

If you are ready to enroll, go to the Enroll page.

Class Schedule

1st Period:       8:45 –   9:40 am
2nd Period:      9:45 – 10:30 am
3rd Period:     10:50 – 11:40 am
4th Period:     11:45 – 12:30 pm

School Address

Grace Lutheran School
5172 West McFadden Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA  92649

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Mikan Club for pre-schoolers

In our Mikan club children learn simple Japanese through songs, puppets, story time, crafts, and learning colors and shapes, simple kanji and hiragana.  Mikan Club children also participate in the School's Cultural events.

The Mikan Club meets Saturday mornings, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.  This class is for 3 and 4-year olds who are already toilet trained. Space limited. Basic cost: $120/month for ten months.

• OCG classes for High School credit

Most of our students are able to earn foreign language or elective credits at their local high school. (Each school and district have different rules regarding credit; students will need to check with their High School counselors).

Students complete a full year of study at OCG and then take a credit test in April.  The result of the test is combined with the student’s OCG grade, and this is reported to the local school. 

(Please note:  in order to earn enough class hours, students must join OCG no later than the end of August.  Students joining at this point in the school year will not have enough class hours to earn credit for this year.)

• OCG Japanese Courses for Adults

(Currently On-line only). Our Adult Japanese courses are currently held in 16-week sessions. All classes meet on Saturday mornings for one and a half hours. The intermediate class starts at 9 am and the beginning course starts at 11:00. (Classes for more advanced students may also be arranged.)

Classes are open to any adult, even if you do not have a child at OCG. Cost is $300 for the 16-week session for parents with children enrolled in OCG, and $400 for those without children at OCG. For more details, see our curriculum page.

• OCG also teaches Ikebana classes

OCG holds a biweekly class on the art of flower arranging (ikebana), usually held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month. The class is open to adults, who practice from 9 to 11 am, and to OCG students after school. This class is taught by Ogawa sensei, who has achieved the highest rank in the Ikenobo school. She is assisted by long-time OCG member, Gibo sensei., For more information, please refer to the curriculum page.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at

This Week at OCG

November 16, 2019

Safety Drill

Afterschool: OCG Board Meeting


OCG has another successful Food Fair

Over the Labor Day weekend all of the OCG parents and many of our students joined together to hold our annual fundraiser, the Food Fair. We were able to sell out all of the teriyaki beef skewers we ordered, and the yakisoba as well. The proceeds from the Fair will go to paying our rent for the year.

OCG thanks its wonderful parents and students for their great effort on behalf of the school.

Come Join Us In Our Great New Home!

Enrollment in OCG classes will remain open through the end of September. Please drop by to view one of our classes, and to enroll.

If you are interested in arranging a visit, please contact us at  Or just come by !

We are very excited about our new school location, the Grace Lutheran School (5172 West McFadden Avenue, near Bolsa Chica avenue).  This is a much nicer facility located close to the 405 freeway.

Upcoming at OCG

November 23


November 30

Thanksgiving Holiday, No School

December 7

Morning Assembly

Teachers Meeting

December 14

Gakushu Happyokai

December 21

Winter Break

Click here for the full current calendar.

Go to our Facebook page for more on our current and recent events !











勤務時間 8:30-12:30

待遇 $110 / 週 +ボーナス




Why Study Japanese?

Click here for a list of reasons to study Japanese, particularly here at OCG !


Click here for our EVENTS page to read about our regular events and browse thousands of photos and videos.

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